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Friday, September 26, 2014

Review: True Romance

Somehow, I missed True Romance when it first came out in the theaters, and when I saw that Amazon was having a sale on a Quentin Tarantino movie that I'd missed, I jumped on it for $5

The plot of the movie is a lot like No Country For Old Men (another $4.50 blu ray): two innocents find a drug stash in the most unlikely set of events possible, and then try to flee while profiting from the drug stash as quickly as possible.

The movie's a fantasy, of course, but it's classic Tarantino fantasy, with lots of unlikely events, heart-wrenching violence, and somewhat believable characters. What ties it together is that the movie moves fast enough that you're never given time to think it through.

The movie never bogs down, and the ending was interesting enough that I watched the alternate ending just to see what the alternative was, and agreed with Tarantino that the movie deserved the original theater ending.

A fun watch, and worth $5.

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