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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Review: Fables #19 and #20

The Fables have long been one of my favorite comic book series, and it's run for hundreds of issues by now. The problem with comic books is that they're very fast reading for me, which means that it's not worth it even to buy every collected book as they come out, but rather, to batch a few of them together and buy and read them all at once. That way, you don't lose too much context between story arcs.

Snow White, volume #19 starts off with a very weak series involving one of the minor characters of the series. It builds, however, to an assault on Snow White and Bigby Wolf, with a seeming end to one of the most beloved characters of the series. (This being fairy tale, we know not to take deaths as being final) What's interesting to me is that Willingham appears to be reviving one of the oldest enemies of the fables as it stands, which I hope he does not do, as it would be a weak retread.

Camelot, volume #20 is about Rose Red, Snow White's sibling and as the title suggests, an attempt to recreate the knights of the round-table. The story goes a bit meta, and doesn't end here, but has some very creative possibilities that leaves me hanging. The series has been through a bit of a slump recently, but with these two volumes the action is picking up and I'll be looking forward to the next few volumes with relish.


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