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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Virgin Islands 2014: Sanders Bay to Tortola

From Virgin Islands 2014
It was a glorious sunrise, but Sail Pending had just one more challenge for us: the starboard engine now wouldn't start at all! We raised anchor on one engine, motor'd out of Coral Harbor, and immediately put up sails as the winds were blowing right at 20 knots. We had a fairly straightforward sail back to Burt's Point, taking about 10 tacks to get right into the port before we dropped sails and once again put in to a mooring with just the port-side engine.

We got out the dinghy, and went ashore to clear customs, and once again found the process easy, though with more hoops to jump through than either Cruz Bay or Jost Van Dyke. Nevertheless, we were done by 10:30am, though waiting for Conch Charters to get around to docking and de-briefing us took till 11:30.

Our trip was all over at this point, as was my responsibility for the Sail Pending. We hopped on the ferry back to St. Thomas, stayed overnight at the hotel, and the next day walked over to the airport to get on the plane back home.
From Virgin Islands 2014

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