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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Teton/Yellowstone RV Trip Day 5: Jenny Lake

We got up early, had a quick breakfast, and walked over to the lodge to pick up the shuttle, which turned out to be a tiny van. I asked the driver if he had issues with having to reject people because the van was so small, and he said that the company sized shuttles to expected demand: so the van was small in the morning but the evening bus would be huge.
I'd originally planned to rent a rowboat or motorboat to fool around on Jenny Lake before hiking over to hidden falls. But it turned out that they wouldn't let a 3 year old onto one of those rented rowboats, so I nixed my original plans and got on the ferry to Hidden Falls trailhead instead, where we hiked up to the falls (which I'd never seen before), which were quite impressive.

From there, we had to decide whether to hike south back to the visitor center, or hike north around the lake, which would be a 5 mile hike. Since we were very early and the shuttle wouldn't show up till late, we decided to hike North to get a much less crowded hike. The side trips (Inspiration Point or Cascade Canyons) were ruled out given the general condition of the rest of my party.
The hike was pretty, and flat most of the way, granting us views of the Tetons, but at the headwaters of the lake, there was a steep uphill which pretty much knocked out most of the party. I also had to carry Bowen, which I didn't mind doing since he'd pretty much hiked the entire Hidden Falls trail, which was a 2 mile round trip, and did quite a bit more.

I looked at a map and realized that the northern end of the lake was very close to the Jenny Lake Lodge, which cut about 2 miles off the hike, so we hiked there and waited at the lodge instead for the shuttle. Since we were way too early for the shuttle that would take us back to Flagg Ranch, we elected to take the shuttle to Colter Bay instead, where I investigated the possibility of a motorboat rental the next morning. It seemed feasible, and we'd be staying at Colter Bay the next day anyway, so that seemed like the thing to do.

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