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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

British Columbia by boat Day 11: Vancouver

I woke up late around 8:00am, and as was my wont after long boat journeys, still feeling as though I was swaying and shaking in bed. A cup of coffee and breakfast soon woke me up, however, and by 10:00am, we were out on the city's buses, ready to explore Stanley Park and the Vancouver Aquarium.
The highlight of the Vancouver Aquarium was the Beluga show, but I also thoroughly enjoyed the 4D show depicting life in the age of dinosaurs. The rest of the exhibits were also very well done. I was impressed and happy to be indoors while it was raining outside.

We then made our way over to Queen Anne park, where the conservatory and the gardens were impressive. The day ended with all of us at the Shanghai River restaurant in Richmond, where the Peking Duck and other dishes were all well-priced and delicious. We made plans to check out of the hotel the next day, and Arturo managed to get a great deal on a huge car that would take us over the ferry to Egmont.

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