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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Review: Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers is Stephen King's literary thriller about crimes that come back to haunt us. The novel opens with a murder of a writer and the subsequent consequences, including the disposition of the murderer and his unpublished novels. The book then skips forward 20 years to a boy who finds buried treasure (which turns out of course to include the unpublished novels), what he does with the proceeds.

The plot is then complicated by the murderer getting out on parole (Stephen King does his research impeccably: his killer matches every profile described in Mindhunter), and wants to repossess what was formerly his. The boy and the murderer cross paths, and mayhem ensues.

I gather that this novel is part of a trilogy, but I didn't read any of the other parts and didn't mind at all. The series characters don't play a big part in the tension of the story, and they're introduced adequately with a few references to past events that sufficiently summarizes their trauma.

As with every Stephen King novel, it's impeccably readable, and at no point is the plot interrupted by useless details. It's a great summer read, and one I can recommend to anyone.

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