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Friday, October 09, 2015

British Columbia by boat Day 13: Vancouver

We took our time getting going today. Along the way back to Earl's Cove, we stopped at several harbors that we might have wanted to visit on the trip. In the dismal weather, none of them looked appealing. Just drab and down-trodden. The day before, the tour pilot had said that at the height of the storm in Egmont, even the harbor was seeing 3-foot waves, and there were water-spouts going up the inlet. This made us feel quite a lot better at having abandoned the Stray Cat to do a luxury tour by powerboat instead.

On the ferry, we said goodbye to Bowen Island, and then made our way to Grouse Mountain to see if there was good weather to be had. But one look at the weather cam convinced us to keep our money firmly in our pockets, and we made it over to the Vancouver Maritime museum instead, which had beautiful historic boats parked outside, as well as the St. Roch inside.
After that, it was time for the breaking of the fellowship, as we all went our separate ways (Arturo had another trip to embark on, while Larry was planning to fly back after another day or so in Vancouver). We had time to visit the Vancouver Outlook to watch the sunset, and then had to settle in for an early morning bus back to Seattle the next day.

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