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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Review: The Eagle Tree

I rarely read my Kindle First books, despite frequently selecting one and downloading it to my Kindle anyway. The Eagle Tree is a rare exception.

The Eagle Tree is a book written from the perspective of an autistic boy of 14 years, March Wong. He's obsessed with trees, climbing them, identifying them, their place in the ecosystem, how they work. When his mom moves him to Olympia, he identifies a tree near the city as being a Ponderosa Pine, and decides that he would like to climb it.

Unfortunately, a developer has bought the land and plans to build on it. This leads March to try to preserve the forest, leading him out of his autistic shell to interact with those who can help him. The story of his bittersweet (eventual) victory is well-written, with transparent prose, and a realistic view of what those on the autism spectrum.

The novel is short but worth your time. It's not as good as Born on a Blue Day, however, so if you haven't read that, try it first.

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