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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Review: eConnect Japan

I have a T-mobile Simple Choice global plan. But word from one of my friends who visits Japan frequently is that it was unreliable, and he talked me into renting a WiFi-To-Go Pocket WiFi router from eConnect Japan. I believed him because as late as in 2009, I had to rent a phone from the airline to get phone service in Japan. How quickly things change!

It turned out this was an unnecessary expense. Everywhere I had connectivity through the WiFi-To-Go router, I also had very fast internet speeds on my Moto G via T-mobile. Further more, in many cases, the Wi Fi router would go to sleep without warning, and I'd be stuck without Wi Fi, but found that my T-mobile unlimited data plan was still fast enough to make a Skype call, for instance.

On top of that, the device itself has a natively small battery, so eConnect supplies you with a battery extender that you then plug into it. That battery would last all day, but now you have 2 more things to charge at night instead of one. Given that we were traveling light, I only brought a 2-way charger, so it was a bit of a chore getting all the devices charged.

I supposed if we made use of the tablet more, the WiFi router might have come in useful. Even then, the package we received had all sorts of warnings against download video, large files, or doing anything interesting with the WiFi router.

In any case, I found myself regretting that I paid eConnect any money at all, and by contrast, was very happy with my Moto G running on T-mobile. Next time, I will not bother with eConnect, and I suggest you don't, either.

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