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Monday, May 02, 2016

Review: Hitman GO (Android)

I don't usually play Android games, but Hitman GO was an exception and well worth it. I never played any of the Hitman series, but that didn't matter. The game's laid out like a board game, where for each move you make the other characters on the board move. Those other characters are controlled by an algorithm, so each level is essentially a puzzle where you figure out the sequence of moves that will achieve your objective.

Most of the time your objective will involve either getting a briefcase, killing everyone on the board, or not killing anyone on the board, as well as getting to the exit. The game comes with 6 different sets of puzzles, and to move from one set to the next requires that you score points by achieve those objectives. What's great about the game is that Square Enix did not require micropayments to move forward: if you achieve 2 out of 3 objectives for each puzzle, you will be able to unlock the entire game. What I did not realize was that to achieve all 3 objectives for each puzzle is not possible without playing through the puzzle twice.

The game also comes with a hint system should you get stuck. The puzzles, however, are fairly straightforward and I wouldn't have used it except that I was playing with the UI and found it by accident on the last mission.

The game does drain the battery on my smartphone, and on my Moto G had a significant startup time. Once started, each puzzle takes you about 2-5 minutes, which is perfect for a game you play at a bus stop. For $1-2, the game is recommended and worth your while. Because there are no micro-transactions even for hints (not true of the follow-up Lara Croft GO), it is safe to give it to your children to play.

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