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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Review: CamelBak Kid's 2016 Mini MULE Hydration Pack

I visited REI with the intention of buying Bowen arm and leg warmers, and it turned out they didn't have any. So I ended up looking at hydration packs (he can't quite reach the water bottle cages while riding, and it's a chore to stop and unclip him so he can drink). The hydration packs at REI looked kinda big, and Bowen didn't like them, so we went home and shopped on Amazon.

The contest was between the Mini MULE and the Skeeter. The skeeter is lighter by 63g (0.14 pounds), but the MULE had a killer feature, which was that it came in red. Bowen asked for the red, and thinking a bit about it, I thought that it wasn't a bad thing that he could carry a couple of clif bars and maybe his rain jacket in it.
OK, the thing is cute. It turned out that he would much rather carry his bunny in it.
The backpack does fit, barely. I cinched up all the straps (it looks like the Mini MULE came with straps long enough for him to use even when he's 12 or 13), and tightened up the sternum strap all the way to get it to be a snug fit, but he wears it with no sway. On the bike, he drinks a lot more when he has the Camelbak than when he doesn't, and the big bug there is I have to prime the hose for him.

The pockets actually are handy --- I put clif bars in there, and he would share those snacks with his brother. If not for the fact that this was the earliest we could have gotten him one (they don't come any smaller), we would have gotten him earlier. It's useful for hiking and cycling.


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