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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Review: OMoton Kindle Paperwhite Case

As mentioned before, my wife liked the Origami case, but I decided that I wasn't going to use the stand feature enough for my own Kindle to justify it. I looked around, and picked the OMOTON Kindle Case Cover.

It's fairly cheap, at $13, and weighs 98g, or 20g less than the Origami cover. What's interesting about it is that it doesn't feel as tight fitting as the Origami did. It takes some effort to pry the kindle out of the case (which I will do on a frequent basis), but I don't feel like I'm wrestling with the case every time I do so. The magnet around the cover isn't very strong (there's no snap when I close or open the cover), but despite that it's strong enough to turn on the Kindle. This is nice because after the waterproofing process, the Kindle's on-off switch is harder to press.

The main reason for using my water-fi processed Kindle outside the case is for absolute light weight. Since the Kindle is already waterproof, in cases when I can easily wrap the Kindle around a towel or some other clothing that I'm carrying with me anyway to protect it, I see no reason to bring the cover as well.

Together with the cover, the paperwhite weighs less than my original basic Kindle with its lighted cover, and has better lighting.  Recommended.

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