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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Review: Waterfi Waterproof'd Kindle

As previously mentioned, once we got back from the BVI trip I sent my Kindle to be waterproof'd. It costs $99 + tax, and then I had to pay for priority mail shipping to Waterfi. When I asked how much more the Kindle would weigh, they gave me a ballpark estimate but when I got it back the first thing I did was to weigh it. The non-waterproof'd Kindle weighs 203g. The waterproof'd version is 252, or 49g more. The entire process took a week.

That's more than acceptable, since waterproofing bags that weigh less are frequently unreliable (I've had sil-nylon bags soak through and make the interiors moist), while anything that's actually waterproof tends to weigh a lot more.

I took a shower with the paperwhite and discovered that even with a mild spray of water, you can still turn pages using the touch screen. At some point, you get too much water beading and your ability to read the book becomes impaired, but I managed to shampoo myself before that happened.

If you don't already have a Kindle, you can buy an already water-proof'd version directly from Amazon, but if you have access to a Kindle sale it's probably cheaper to get a lower price and then pay for it to be waterproof'd after the fact. (Not to mention if you want a white one the after-market waterproofing is the only way to get one)


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