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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Day 2: An Ambleside Walk

I looked through the pamphlets and picked something easy for the day, since Xiaqin was still jet-lagged. To my surprise, the walk started off by visiting the Ambleside adventure playground. Well, there was no way we could walk past the playground and not let Bowen and Boen play in it, so play in it they did!
The playground featured swinging roundabouts, ziplines, trampolines, slides, and swinging seesaws, stuff you'd never see in an American playground. Bowen and Boen never got bored with the playground, and we visited it every day when it was dry. So we ended up buying pastries and then having a picnic lunch at the playground while the two played before starting on our walk.
When we finally got going, it was a nice walk, alongside a river, and then twisting and turning through some bridges and a forest before ending up at Rydal Hall, where a docent stopped us from rushing through the place and visiting the Grotto.

We explored the gardens and stopped for tea at the tea house before walking through Rydal Park back to Ambleside, where we were once more too late to see the Bridge House while it opened.
After dinner, the kids spent more time at the playground, where they were joined by Daniel, a local school kid.

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