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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Day 5: Conister Water and Eskdale Railway

It was a cloudy day when we left Ambleside, and we debated possible destinations before heading straight over to Conister water to see the lake and see if there was any good hiking. When we got there, we found a dock with a steam ferry, but the weather wasn't great so we opted to move on.
One of the reasons we'd booked Irton Hall for two nights was that it was close to the Eskdale Railway. What I didn't realize was that we were arriving on a very special day: the opening of the (free) railway museum!
We bought train tickets for Bowen, Boen and I (Boen was free, actually), and hopped onto the train, leaving mommy to sleep off her harrowing night before in the car. The ride itself wasn't that interesting but the trains were all polished and looked brand new and in excellent shape, probably on account of the museum opening.

After the train ride was over, the two kids visited the museum. We then tried to visit Muncaster Castle, but discovered that it was closed on Saturdays  because weddings take place then. We then went and checked into our hotel, Irton Hall.
It turned out that I'd booked a place not in the main hotel itself, but in a block of self-catering cottages next to it. It was great: it had a kitchen, and a washer+dryer in one unit, the first I'd seen outside Japan. We went out to buy food from a supermarket, but ended up eating dinner in the restaurant for one of the two days we ate there. Nevertheless, we took full advantage of the washer and dryer and that made me wished we'd booked more self-catering cottages during our trip.

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