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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Day 6: St Bees Head and Ennerdale Bridge

The day was forecasted to have the best weather of the rest of our visit to the Lakes, so I was determined to make the most of it. After breakfast, we headed out to St. Bee's Head, the starting point of the coast to coast walk.
The weather was gorgeous, and the scenery great: we got to see the Isle of Man far off. It was also the rest of the family's introduction to the peculiarly English construction known as the kissing gate.
After the hike, the kids got to play at the St. Bees Head playground, which featured ziplines and obstacle courses. In fact, the zipline was particularly kid friendly, as Bowen didn't need me to help him jump on it!
We had lunch at a local place, and then headed over to Ennerdale Bridge. I remembered it as being my entry into the Lakes District and being stunned by how pretty Ennerdale Water was. The entry had been redone and now had some ugly equipment near it, but once you got past it, it was just as pretty as before.
After that, we drove back and tried to buy dinner food on the way home but all the supermarkets were closed early on Sundays, so we ended up eating at the hotel restaurant. On the way to the restuarant, we noticed that the peacocks we had seen yesterday had spread their tails!
From the road, I'd seen signs for the footpath into Irton Hall, and I had to explore it. I tried a few times to find the path from near the hotel, but couldn't so in a fit of frustration, hiked out via the road and followed the footpath back, which included encounters with cows, goats, and an alpaca.

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