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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

April 4th: San Simeon to Morro Bay

The morning was overcast, with a 20% chance of rain in the forecast. It looked a little gloomy  on the outset, but we decided to ride anyway! The ride out of San Simeon was rolling, though of course, on the tandem, any hill quickly becomes a chore. The ride was much gentler than the day before, but the traffic was a lot noiser. Being bored, Boen quickly started to play with his brother's bike computer (even though he had his own), annoying his brother until I stopped the bike and made him stop, whereupon he cried the entire way to Cayucos.
At Cayucos, we stopped at the Brown Butter Cookie company, where Bowen and Boen tasted all the cookies on the menu and we bought a small bag of very expensive cookies, and then went next door to the cafe which served an amazingly good lunch.
This time, I was able to keep them riding after lunch, visiting first the Cayucos Pier, and then making it all the way into Morro Bay where we started feeling rain drops.
With rain in the forecast for the next day, and the kids not very enthusiastic about the boring riding ahead to San Luis Obispo, Xiaoqin and I decided to call it an end to the bike tour and drive home from there. We even had time to visit Pinnacles National Park on the way home!

Our tour was over at a very short total mileage of 100 miles, but it left me confident that we could execute our summer tour in Switzerland come June. With plenty of playgrounds with ziplines and lots to do and see, and no option for riding in the van, I'm fairly certain we can make 30 miles a day in good weather. Most importantly, every time I asked Boen if he enjoyed bike touring on this trip he would say yes, which meant that we'd have a good time.

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