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Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Index Page: Boen's First Bike Tour

An unexpected confluence of events happened all at once to make it possible for us to take a family Spring break trip. It being too late (and too short) to do any kind of ocean-crossing trip, we decide to do a bike tour. Xiaoqin volunteered to drive the support van, and I wanted to reprise the California coast tour trip (which I had last done so long ago that I don't remember much of it) to Santa Barbara. We rented a van from Turo, and made a few days of reservations just in case it would be hard to find last minute hotels at the places we were traveling to. (It turned out to be unnecessary, but Lucia Lodge in particular has only 8 rooms!)

This is the index page for the ride. We had 2 goals for this tour:
  • To see how the triplet handled under touring conditions
  • To see if Boen could do a bicycle tour and enjoy it
On Cayucos Pier
Day by Day Trip Report

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