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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Review: The Consuming Fire

The Consuming Fire is John Scalzi’s second novel of the interdependency. I don’t know why someone would read this book. The plot is breezy, the characters don’t develop, and there’s really no science in the science fiction, nor is there any working out of the concepts introduced in the first book.

I guess this highlights how important style is. Even when a writer has a lackluster plot, no interesting characters, and no science in his science fiction, an eminently readable style that’s transparent, and at times witty, will still pull you along and get you to finish the book. After finishing the book, however, expect to reflect back upon it and realized that it was like a feast full of empty calories: fun at the time, but ultimately unfulfilling.

Maybe if you’re stuck on an airplane with nothing else to read, this would be something to consider. Otherwise, pass.

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