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Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Review: Logtech MX Ergo Mouse

I've been quite happy with my old Logitech M570 trackball for years. It's frequently on sale for $20 or less, and has been reliable, though obviously nothing can withstand Boen picking it up and throwing it hard enough on the floor to smash into teeny little bits.

The purchase of the XPS 13, however, made the M570 more inconvenient to use: that machine has no USB-A slots! While Dell thankfully provided a dongle, it definitely made switching between machines more of a hassle than it had to be, so when Boen broke one of the M570s and it was time for a replacement I picked up the MX Ergo Mouse instead.

The device when it cames, comes with a steel plate so you can tilt the mouse at 20 degrees or zero, a base that has provides 30 degrees of tilt, and a unifying receiver. I plugged the receiver onto my desktop and was almost immediately in business, no pairing or software installation needed. I then pushed the selector switch, and paired it with the XPS 13. Not only did it pair with the XPS almost immediately, flipping between the two machines was near instantaneous. The unifying receiver on the desktop allowed me to bypass the cheap bluetooth dongle that I still haven't found a good replacement for.

You can install software for it: it's called logitech options. The intended use case is to let you copy/paste between computers, or line up two machines and move the mouse from one to the other to switch. (If you have a logitech keyboard, which I don't, switching the mouse moves the keyboard over as well) The software works, but isn't more convenient than just pushing the button on the mouse.

As for the rest of it, it's a well functioning trackball. It has a rechargeable battery so I don't have to replace AA batteries like on the M570, but on the other hand, the need to replace the M570's batteries every couple of years or so hasn't been a big bother, so that part's a wash. Being able to not have to deal with dongles on the laptop, however, is a big win all around. Recommended!

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