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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Review: The Magicians - Alice's Story

The Magicians - Alice's Story is a comic book set in the first novel of the Magicians series. The character designs are based on the books rather than the TV series, as is the plot, which is a retelling of the first book but from Alice's point of view. I watched the TV series more recently than I read the books, so of course it was a shock for me to see Alice Quinn depicted so different, and Penny as well. The retelling was only so-so. Overall, the comic reads a lot more like a teaser for the novel series than a standalone story, but as a summary of the first book it's quite good. If you've already read the book the graphic novel is unfortunately redundant. If you've only seen the TV series, the comic book does make for faster reading and is perhaps more interesting than reading the first novel, which I don't have a high opinion of.

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