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Friday, October 04, 2019

Review: The Witcher Omnibus

I was browsing Hoopla and found The Witcher, which intrigued me, since it apparently told new and different stories and weren't based on the novels or the video game.

The book itself is split into 5 different unrelated stories with no transition between them --- you can read all the stories out of order as there's no apparent chronology linking them. In fact, in one of the stories Geralt loses both his swords, and there's no story that explains how he gets them back.

One of the stories is a one shot, but two of them are fairly long, involving plot twists that are very similar to those found in the novel or the video game, which I enjoyed. On the other hand, the other stories seem a little more straightforward, and in all but one of the stories, the art is lackluster.

I came away from the graphic novel thinking that it was good and not a waste of time, but thinking that the video game was by far the best version of all the stories.

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