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Monday, March 16, 2020

HRm Comparison, Garmin Fenix 5X vs Polar OH1

Arturo and I have long suspected that the Garmin line of watches have HR  readings that are science fiction, at least for the two of us. But during Boen's first ride up OLH, I finally got proof, since I wore both the watch and the OH1+ at the same time for the first hour or so. You can see that the Garmin never showed a HR above 150, while the OH1+ worn under a sleeve on my upper arm showed consistent HR above 170! (And since I was riding the triplet, my perceived effort matched the OH1 much more than the Garmin!)

This shouldn't be surprising. The OH1+ won the DCRainmaker shootout. I guess I should start wearing it more often! This is by no means a slight on the Fenix 5X, which is still by far my favorite daily wear device. The Fenix 5X is a big heavy watch and there's no way you can expect it to perform well given what we do.


ChiaLea said...

I wear a Fenix and I find that the HR seems to work well for running (though I can't test against a chest band)but not so much for biking. Maybe the vibration messes with it?

Piaw Na said...

Which Fenix? The later models might be more accurate. I've also read somewhere that the earlier model (which I have) doesn't work too well for brown people.