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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Review: Elysium Fire

Elysium Fire is the latest Aliastair Reynolds novel.  Set in the revelation space universe, it's effectively a police procedural set in a constellation of habitats in space, tied together by neural implants that allow citizens to easily vote multiple times a day.

I'd read The Prefect back in 2009, and enjoyed it thoroughly, but didn't reread that previous novel before reading this one, and it's just as good as the prior novel, with fully realized characters, high tension, and a fully earned ending. It's a return to form, something I've longed for since re-reading House of Suns back in 2017. If there was any justice in the universe one of the wealthy on-line streaming companies that are funding TV shows would pick this one up (or The Perfect) and give us beautiful visuals that work with the story.

Highly recommended.

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