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Monday, March 09, 2020

Review: Yowamushi Pedal Vol 5-7

Starting from Vol 5, Yowamushi pedal jumped the shark, by introducing what I feared all along, the exposition and star treatment of "secret ninja skills" trotted out by competing cyclists, including one competitor who names his muscles, Frank and Andy (yes, it's funny).

The thing about cycling is that the history of cycling is replete with legends that could use illustration in manga or comic book form, like that of Eugene Christophe or even the stars of the past like Eddy Merckx. The fictional stuff in Yowamushi pedal can't even compare.

What makes it worse is that none of the team tactics deployed in real cycling races show up in the comic, including strategic placing of someone in a breakaway to try to break up the rhythm of a lead group, or even working together as a team to tire out an opposing cyclist.

I'm dejected enough to take a break from the series for a while after the promising earlier start. Not recommended.

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