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Sunday, December 25, 2022

2022 Spanish Virgin Islands: Punta Del Soldado to Ensenada Honda

 In the morning, we complained about the mooring ball knocking against the hull all  night. We'd barely gotten the boys into the water when the dive boat showed up! We swam over to it with our dive cards, and they told us that our first dive would be right there in Punta Del Soldado! On that dive, Arturo spotted a lobster (which I didn't see), and Niniane found a shark!

The second dive was at the same place we had anchored out on our first arrival to Culebra, where the dive boat tied up at a mooring buoy marked "Dive only" Despite killing a lion fish and trying to use it to bait a shark, we never found the shark the dive guide was trying to lure out. It was a nice dive anyway.

When we got back to the Yamuy, Dan announced that the referigerators were no longer powered. A flurry of texts back and forth had us removing panels, swapping fuses, and all sorts of other shenanigans trying to get it to get fixed and stay fixed, but eventually we discovered that just turning off the freezer would let the refrigerator work. Sail Caribe offered to come over late the next morning with a refrigerator, but since we wanted a quieter less rollicking night that night anyway, we decided to just visit the town of Dewey from Ensenada Honda and reprovision with food that didn't demand a freezer.

We motor'd into Ensenada Honda, and dropped anchor right in front of the romantically named Pirate's Blight, dropped the dinghy off the davits, and motor'd to town with garbage and so on in a hurry, since the grocery stores were about to close. We pulled into the dinghy dock where Boen got his ice cream so we could be "customers', while Arturo, Niniane and Dan provisioned the boat with canned food. We would have stayed for dinner, but we needed to eat everything in the freezer that was about to go bad!

That night, we ate everything in the freezer --- the seafood, the sausages, and the remaining burgers. The star gazing was surprisingly good in Ensenada Honda, since we were far enough away that there wasn't extreme light pollution. There was even some bioluminescence!

On anchor, in a very sheltered harbor, we finally had the quiet peaceful night everyone wanted and needed!

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