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Monday, December 12, 2022

Review: Specialized RBX Knickers and Grail Gloves

 Specialized Men's RBX Knickers were on sale during the holidays so I bought a pair for $40. Wearing these keep your knees covered while not going all the way down to the socks for winter cycling in the Bay Area. They also eliminate the need to wear leg warmers, which have the tendency to slide down on long rides and eventually not cover your knees or thighs. I wouldn't have paid the full $80 for them, but at $40, these are a great deal and well worth using.

At the same time, the Men's HyprViz Body Geometry Long Fingered Gloves are for sale at $22.45. These are a bit finicky to get my hands into, and their color isn't as visible as I'd hoped, but once my hands were in them, they fit like a glove. I've tried a bunch of long fingered gloves in the past which claim that they'll work for touch screens. These are the first I've tried that actually live up to the advertisement.

Until December 15th, you get free shipping directly from specialized. Don't miss out. (the links above directly link to specialized and I don't get a kickback or affiliate money from them)

If you don't ride your bike in the Bay Area in winter, you're missing out. We have the best winter riding in the world --- the temperatures are cool enough that you can work as hard as you like and not sweat very much, and the air quality is always perfect. Even during the worst rainstorms there's always a couple of hours where you can get out and ride. Put a pair of clip on fenders (or in my case I only ever bother with the rear fender), and explore!

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