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Thursday, December 22, 2022

Review: The Story of the Tour de France 2019

 I was a big fan of McGann's previous Story of the Tour de France, and when I saw they had a report of the 2019 tour for about $2, I tried it. It turns out that a format that works  in long form when you collect about 20 year's of racing history doesn't work when it's just one year. It reads like a long Velonews article, and you're left without sufficient context year after year, which was one of the best things about their collections.

My guess is, when they have collected enough updates for 20 years they'll publish it all in one volume. At that point it would be worth your time to read/buy that volume. Until then, I'm staying away from these annual updates. Not only is the price bad, without sufficient context there's just no point.

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