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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Blakey Ridge to Egton Bridge

As we were about to leave this morning, Peter told me that he had walked all the way back to the Rosedale junction this morning, starting at 3am. He said he couldn't sleep the night before, and resolved to complete the loop. It took him 4 hours, and it would turn today into a 30 mile day for him.

The day started with a significant bit of road walking. After not less than 5 minutes, Ray showed up and joined us. He explained that he too had gotten lost at the Rosedale junction yesterday, and followed the Cleveland Way instead of along the old dismantled Rosedale railroad track. That cost him 4 hours, and he only made it to the Lion Inn after 8. I had made a note of the departure from the Cleveway Way the day before, but even so was also confused at the junction, so there but for the fortunate happenstance of meeting other walkers would have also gotten lost.

We walked along the road atop the ridge, and slowly meandered around. Along the way, we saw the light change and grant us lovely highlights of the Lion Inn and the High Blakey House from whence we came. Once off the road, we got beautiful views of Fryupdale, a lovely valley with a strange name, a fryup being a cooked English breakfast. Peter and Margaret, having a long day today, went ahead, while Lisa, Ray and I walked slowly together.

The day was pretty flat until we got to Glaisdale, whose roads descended steeply into town. Ray left us to visit the pub, while Lisa and I pressed into the woods near Beggar's Bridge and into Egton Bridge. There, we found the Horseshoe Inn and discovered that we had beaten our lugguage into town for the first time. After checking in, we met Peter and Margaret and crossed the stepping stones in town with them.

The lady running the Inn, however, was very accomodating and did laundry for us, and left us a breakfast setting for the next day's 17 mile walk into Robin Hood's Bay. Knowing what I know now, however, I would have opted to push even further ahead into Grosmont, which has a bit more to do and save a bit of walking the next day. I was strangely untired from the previous day's efforts, so it would have been entirely feasible.

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