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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Shap to Orton

This was meant to be a recovery day after the massively difficult previous day. In the morning, Margaret asked us if we would like her to do our laundry. We were happy to do so, and left her our laundry before leaving. A footpath right behind her house led us past a farm and then a public footpath to the overhead pedestrain bridge over M6. Once there, we followed along some paths and then walked across a quarry road to skirt the walled village of Oddendale.

There was supposedly a stone circle in the area, but it wasn't obvious how to find it, and we passed it by while wandering through the Moor. The day was overcast, and we moved along slowly, since we were still weary from the day before, and the terrain was not exactly flat --- the Moors roll up and down, and while the going was not exactly strenous, it wasn't smooth, either.

After a few false sightings, we found Robin Hood's Grave, a cairn that didn't seem to be anybody's grave, let alone Robin Hood's. We were later informed that there are about 8 of his graves scattered all over England, so it was a good thing that all we did was to take pictures and moved on.

The highlight of the day's walk was the stroll from Brodfell farm into the village of Orton (it looked like a pretty big village to me, but the denizens insisted that it was one). We passed through delightful fields, across multiple gates and was accompannied by a babbling brook. Once in Orton, we discovered that we had arrived before the Kennedy's chocolate factory had closed. We had tea and chocolate cake there, and bought a couple of day's worth of chocolate for the next days' walks.

We arrived while the Mostyn House B&B owner was out, but we didn't have to wait too long before she returned, and we had a good shower and helped check in the other guests, Eric & Katie Bryant from Colorado, and Andy & Bey Friedman from Canada.

Margaret delivered the laundry to the house while we were showering, and we had a good and restful rest of the evening and night.

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