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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Quicken for Macintosh is an Unacceptable Product

I'm a veteran Quicken user, so you'd think that I'd take to the Mac version of Quicken like a duck to water. The reality is, however, that it's an unacceptable product. First of all, it refuses to accept imports from the Windows version of Quicken, making migration darn near impossible. Secondly, when starting from scratch, it downloads past transactions from my banks but refuses to look at the current balance, so it ends up with ridiculous negative balances because it doesn't realize that the account did start with money years ago when it was first created.

The summary: Quicken for Mac is serviceable if you're a fresh graduate with no transaction history worth caring about or if you're willing to give up that transaction history and set everything up manually with no history. For veterans of other products, it is terrible, and is basically another reason for me to boot into Windows XP on my Mac.

Now where's Microsoft with a competitive product when we need them?

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