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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Confusing places in Stedman's book

Here are the places I got lost or confused because I was using the Stedman's 1st edition trail guide. There are two other guidebooks that I know of, Terry Marsh's and Paul Hannon's . I've seen Terry Marhs's, which has color maps interior, but didn't get a chance to evaluate it. Paul Hannon's book came highly recommended by someone who was doing the trip for the second time, so it is worth buying a copy and comparing. Overall, I found the Stedman book very well marked and quite usable, and it's the only book I have, so don't ask me about the others.
  1. Dent Hill (Map 5, pg. 76). The tree felling on Dent Hill has really messed up the directions in the first edition of the book. There's a left turn near the top, and the marked stone fences are now wire fences. The solution is to just keep going up until you see the cairn at the top!
  2. Raven Crag (Map 6, pg. 77) The clear cutting also affected this area. Make sure you read the trail map very carefully. Fortunately, this area seems to have enough recreational walkers and hikers that you can just ask a local for directions.
  3. Loft Beck (Map 12, pg. 85). This is not a confusion in the book. This is a marker to tell you to follow the book and ignore anybody else's advice! I tried to follow someone else's advice and would have been better off staying with the book right here.
  4. Kidsty Pike (Map 27, pg. 113). We lost the track past Kidsty Pike. So did Peter & Margaret. This is one of those places where a GPS would have been handy. In any case, just head down towards the reservoir and you will be OK. Ignore ALL signs to "High Street!" Have a trail map and compass handy here.
  5. Shap Abbey (Map 32, pg. 118). Head UP the hill on the Tarmac. (The book does not provide arrows pointing uphill here like it should have)
  6. Blades (Map 51d, pg. 152) We got lost here as well. My guess is that the right thing to do here would be to walk to the closest tarmac road and just follow it along. Ignore all the stupid footpath signs that will give you more ups and downs than you want and give you panic attacks.
  7. Colburn (Map 63, pg. 168) We got lost at Hagg Farm, which is unmarked. I have no idea what the correct way to negotiate this is. In any case, we ended up all the way in Walkerville. GPS would be helpful here.
  8. Urra Moor (Map 78, pg. 187) Every marker on this map I just walked past without noticing!
  9. Bloworth Crossing (Map 79, pg. 188) The path narrows and then widens again. You are at this point walking on the dismantled Rosedale Railway track, which is black! Stay on the black stuff going East past the two "gates" (which are green), and do not deviate onto the crossing dirt road. I did not get lost here but two others did. The Cleveland Way also deviates at this point and you should not follow it.
  10. Sleights Moor to Little Beck (Map 89, pg. 203) This is the only true bug (as opposed to ommission or unclear directions) in the book. After crossing A169, turn left (North) and go a few hundred yards to get to a gate (not a stile!) that turns right onto a dirt track under the electricity cables that will lead you to Little Beck. The track is well signed, just follow it.

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Tack said...

This is INVALUABLE advice! And the report is great! Interestingly - we are doing the trip in May 2007 - AFTER speaking with "Peter" who you mention and photographed a couple of times! THANKS for all the info!