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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 26: Bludenz to Rorshach

We woke up to overcast skies but dry roads. Leaving Bludenz, we quickly found a bike path towards Bregenz on the Bodensee.
From Tour of the Alps 2011

The ride was a little boring but did take us through cute little Austrian towns and forests until we arrived in St. Margerethen with its huge supermarket where we could buy lunch. It was cool but not cold, and occasionally we'd get a sunbeam here and there, but by the time we got to the Bodensee Phil was saying, "God this ride is so boring!"
From Tour of the Alps 2011

As we approached the Bodensee cyclists became more common, and you could see that this was what most people would consider touring: riding with a light or almost no load, helmetless on bike paths along rivers and lakes, with possibly a company providing lunch support. People wore casual clothes, not lycra, and the luggage trucks looked like they were carrying enough luggage that laundry wasn't a daily occurrence.
From Tour of the Alps 2011

We soon stopped for our first view of the Bodensee. The weather wasn't getting any better but it wasn't raining either. Nevertheless, by the time we got to Rorschach the first raindrops had started coming down. I looked at the hotel listings at the tourist information center but all the available ones seemed expensive. We eventually ended up at the Hotel Rossli which was where I had stayed last year, and the manager gave us a substantial discount that still triggered sticker shock since we had just come from Austria. Phil and I debated a bit and I suggested that since Wednesday was terrible and he didn't seemed entranced by the Bodensee we could ride over to Germany and hop over to Munich. I used Skype to make phone calls to Chris Brown and Frank Spychalksi, old friends from when I lived in Munich and soon enough, we managed to make arrangements to stay over at Chris's place. Chris was going to be out of town while we were visiting, but Frank would pick up the keys and we would meet him at the Google Munich office. I then made several other phone calls and discovered to my dismay that calling cell phones in Europe was expensive even on Skype: my $11 balance was down to $3 by the time I was finished making all these arrangements.
From Tour of the Alps 2011

Dinner that night was at a local Kebab place after we bypassed a Mexican restaurant that sold 30 USD burritos. At dusk, I walked outside the hotel and saw one of the most beautiful sunsets I had ever seen in Europe. With any other compact camera I would have been dismayed but with the Canon S90 I made several captures that were more than satisfactory.
From Tour of the Alps 2011

We went to bed knowing that no matter what the weather was, we'd be able to make Munich with very little rain riding.


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