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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Review: Queen of Arlin

Queen of Arlin is TC Southwell's novel about a post-apocalyptic world that initially looks like a fantasy novel. The story revolves around the Queen of Arlin, who would be forced into marriage by her suitors if she did not go to war and die. Since she didn't like any of her suitors she went to war hoping to die a warrior queen. But part of her inheritance was a super-soldier, a cyborg illegally imported into her planet, and he rescues her.

The premise is initially interesting but the main character is willfully ignorant, and worse, does not try to actually learn what she does not understand. The resulting interaction is repetitious, predictable, and one reads it hoping the queen gets an ugly and untimely death. Imagine my sadness and annoyance that instead this is the first novel of a long series.

If you're stuck in a hotel room in the rain this is barely readable. Not recommended.

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