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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Price Drop on Independent Cycle Touring

While at WorldCon, I had a discussion with Sandra Taylor of Schlock Mercenary, who told me that I could get full color books printed in China at about $5 each, instead of paying the $15/copy that I'm paying right now. The problem? I'd have to print 5,000 copies at a time. Well, that's ok if I sell enough copies, so I'm going to start pricing the books as if I was going to get them from China and see how things go.

As of right now, Independent Cycle Touring is $29.95 for the paperback, and $14.95 for the digital edition. If you want both, it's $34.95. If this experiment works, the price change will be permanent. If not, prices will have to go back up. There's no way I'm ordering 5,000 copies of anything if it doesn't sell. Storage at my house is not infinite, and it'll be squeezed if I have too much inventory.

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