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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 31, 32: Epilogue

We woke up in the morning to gloomy skies, despite attempting to sleep in. We were due at noon at a restaurant downtown to meet Stefan, so we had a bit of a leisurely breakfast before heading to town on our 24 hour ticket.
From Tour of the Alps 2011

The restaurant featured Swiss German food, with an entry way granting us great reasons to not smoke in the area. Stefan told us stories about his trip to the Himalayas. The trip proper sounded really fun, but the stay in Kathmandu and the aftermath of the consequences of the stay were ugly and off-putting. Stefan does a far better job than I did of explaining it, so I won't attempt to paraphrase him. Stefan as an outdoor enthusiast is second to few others, and his preparation was thorough and complete, so if bad things happened to him and his girlfriend, I'm not sure I want to risk something similar.
From Tour of the Alps 2011

Stefan took us on a river side stroll back to the train station, and it was lucky that he stayed with us because the train back to Kloten had a problem. We ended up hopping onto the train to the airport and then taking the airport shuttle back to Hotel Flyaway.

At 6pm, we went to the airport with our bikes and checked baggage, and made use of the early checkin to get our boarding passes and to get rid of the bikes. With the TopBonus service card, we did not have to pay to use this feature, and our cards let us bypass the line to pay to checkin! We then spent the rest of our swiss francs on dinner and on some extremely expensive Truffles du Jour at the Sprungli store, as recommended by Stefan.

The rest of the stay was uneventful, as was the flight proper. I'm happy to report that one and a half N1 batteries was all that was necessary to get me through the flight. (I did spend 2 hours on the X201 sorting pictures in lightroom --- when you run heavy duty photo-processing on the Thinkpad, the battery just doesn't last as long as when you're just typing away on Emacs) Phil performed the super human task of packing all the chocolate in his carry on baggage (he did not want to risk losing any of that precious cargo!), and not eating any of it on the flight. I did not trust myself, and checked all but one bar of chocolate, and that bar did not survive the flight. All our chocolate arrived safely, and now a month later, a lot of it is already gone!


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