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Friday, August 19, 2016

Iceland 2016: Seljalandfoss & Skogafoss

Today was our first day down the ring road around Iceland. We loaded up the mini van, and drove down first towards Stokkseyri for the Icelandic Wonders museum.  The place turned out to be a tourist trap that didn't draw either my attention or the children's attention for long, so we moved onto our AirBnB at Hvolsvollur. We unpacked, ate lunch, and then headed down to see Skogafoss, but on the way saw Seljalandfoss and discovered that it was by far the most impressive waterfall I'd seen with a "walk behind" trail.
Skogafoss also turned out to be quite pretty, but it's actually more famous for being the start of a 20km trek to Landmannalauguar.

The fall itself is impressive, but if you take the trouble to hike all the way to the top of it, don't stop there! There's a little ladder that goes over the fence (actually the start of the 20km hike), but 200m past that is another fall that's also pretty.
We took advantage of the hot tub at the AirBnB, and turned in early since we thought we'd try to make the ferry to the Westman Islands the next day.

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