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Friday, August 12, 2016

Review: Exposure Diablo Mk 6

After all these years, I've decided that bicycle lights, like bike computers, shouldn't be bought based on features, battery run-time, or even the power of lights. They should be bought on the basis of their mounts. Basically, on a bike light, how the mount attaches to the handlebars (or fork) is more important than practically every other detail of the light. No matter how powerful or bright the light is, if it falls off the bike, it's useless to you.

Judge by that respect, I will no longer purchase or recommend any light by Exposure Lights, including the Diablo Mk 6 that's reviewed here. The problem with the Exposure Lights mounting system is that it's an open C-clip. The C-clip holds on to the light fine as long as you're on a smooth road. If you ride on gravel, cobbles or descend through Italian tunnels, the light WILL bounce off.

On alternate mounting solution is to attach the light to your helmet. This is unsatisfactory, partly because I don't always wear a helmet while climbing in the mountains, and also because the helmet I do wear already weighs plenty, I don't need to add weight to it thank you very much. During my recent tour, I kept the light in the handlebar bag, taking it out only for tunnels and mounting it onto the clip on the handlebars. Despite that babying, the light took a fall anyway and then refused to turn on.

Upon returning home I charged the light and it worked again, but now display an annoying tendency to refuse to turn off. There's probably a loose contact in there. I'll keep running this light until it dies, but at this point, not having USB charging and a bad mounting solution means any cheap $25 light on Amazon would outperform this piece of crap.

Disappointing and not recommended.

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