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Monday, August 22, 2016

Iceland 2016: Westman Islands, Puffins

One unfortunate side effect of not planning the entire trip out was the more-or-less botched trip to the Westman Islands. We made it to the ferry on time, but at the ticket booth, were told that (1) all the car spots are taken, and (2) we had to return on the 1:00pm ferry if we went as passengers, because the later ferries were all full!

Well, we did want to see the Puffins, so we accepted those terms and got onto the ferry. My first choice, which was to go on a boat tour of the Westman Islands, was foiled: upon reaching the other side, the tour company recommended by our guidebook had canceled the day's tour because of weather. So we switched to our secondary goal, which was to see puffins.

The first place we went to was pretty, but any puffins were too far away to be seen.
From there, I used Skype to call a taxi to take us to the official blind. From inside the blind, the EOS M3 with the 55-250mm lens actually got us a few pictures of the Puffins:

The scenery was not bad either, but we quickly ran out of time and had to return to the ferry for transport back to the main island. If I had the trip to do all over again, I'd book a night on the island instead and arrange to bring the mini van over, as the town looked pretty and the scenery reasonably good for hiking.

On returning to the mainland, we visited the waterfall again with the good camera, and then I wanted to head over to the Eyjafjallajokull Erupts exhibit, where Bowen and I got to see a documentary of the volcano erupting in 2010, disrupting flights throughout Europe for a week.

Then we drove back to enjoy the hot tub as it started to rain quite heavily, and prepare for a long day of driving the next day.

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