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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Review: God of War Chain of Olympus

Sony's Playstation Plus gave God of War: Chain of Olympus as one of their free games prior to this summer's trip, so I loaded it on my Vita and played it to completion. It's a hack and slasher game in the same vein as the other God of War games, but does do justice to the Vita.

The problem with PSP games on the Vita is that they don't make use of the right joystick, so I was fiddling with it trying to change the camera angle early on before I realized, "oh, it's a PSP game." Despite the lack of camera control the game's quite playable (though it also makes the puzzles easy since the camera has to provide you with sufficient clues while you're traversing the maps in order to figure things out).

The lower resolution PSP game makes the game look a little grainy on the Vita, but the game play is smooth and there are no major hitches. The plot is as silly as any other God of War games, but it's fun and good entertainment as long as your left thumb can handle the punishment of fiddling that little joy pad.

Mildly Recommended, but by no means should you pay anything above $5 for it.

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