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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

July 3rd: Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Tutzing

We woke up to cloudy skies. I packed everything and then went downstairs to check on the bike. I was pleased that the front tire was not flat. We had a big breakfast, and then when we checked out the owner told us that she needed cash, as she had no way to take credit card payments. We rode out to downtown but uncharacteristically, it took us 2 tries to find an ATM that worked!
We turned on our GPS navigator and started riding. We felt a rain drop here and there, but overall, it didn't look like thunderstorm weather. We used Google Maps routing on the Wahoo this time, and while it was mostly OK, there were times when its idea of a bike path was questionable:
This was somewhat familiar country to me, since it was close to Munich and I'd spent a good several months riding in the Bavarian country side every weekend: hills, river side dirt paths, and lots of towns with Onion domed churches. In Murnau, I found the bike feeling heavy and asked Bowen to check the back tire. "It's not flat," he said. I looked down and found that it was the front tire that was flat. Of course, the flat had to occur on a busy road with no shade right after we'd escaped all threat of rain. We pulled off to the sidewalk, I pulled out the front tire's tube but the hole was so small that I couldn't find it, and the road was so noisy that no matter how hard I listened I couldn't hear the hiss of air escaping the tube. I examined the tire but couldn't find a hole or foreign object stuck in it, so I shrugged and put in the other tube.
After that, the road started climbing steadily. The climb was fairly straightforward, taking us through forest lands and nicely enough, taking us away from main roads. In the small town of Habash, we stopped to eat the snacks we'd brought, trying to finish what was left of the power gels that we'd carried all throughout our tour so far. It turned out that the descent into Starnberg lake happened soon after.
The cloudy weather had caught up with us again, but now that the end was in sight, we knew we'd make the deadline no matter what. The bike path took us along the lake on dirt roads that slowly got smaller and smaller until we finally got to a single-track.
Once we got past the Tutzing city limit signs however, it didn't take 3 minutes of riding before we found the train station sign pointing us uphill. Since we didn't depart Tutzing via the bike path, it took a while for me to find the area familiar, but soon I saw the little square where we'd started from so many days ago. We stopped and bought snacks for the train, and then looked for the train ticket machines. Our tour was over.


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