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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Review: Detla Cycle Elastonet

When we're at home and only have a light load, we use the Performance Transit trunk bag. When we're touring, our Robert Beckman panniers are enough for most of our every day equipment, but there are times when we need to carry a little more for usually not a long distance, such as when we buy food at a supermarket and ride to a picnic area.

For that, even the weight of the transit bag is too much. We wanted something even lighter. The Delta Cycle Elastonet is made of elastometer and weighs 56g. It's got 4 hooks, and can be stored on our rack empty without trouble. Throughout our tour, the hooks never came off the rack, even when we were bouncing on dirt road or bike path.

The net stretches sufficiently to carry a helmet on the day when we gave our panniers to the Mapo van and had the luxury of riding up the Stelvio unloaded. I'd say it can carry a basketball with no room for any other item on the rack. It was obviously enough to carry lunch on any given day.

The item is more than worth the weight and price. It's so useful that now that we're home, I still keep it on the bike. Recommended.

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