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Monday, August 27, 2018

Review: Columbia Kids Outdry Hybrid Jacket

Bowen already had a Marmot Kids rain jacket, but I noticed that it wasn't very effective in the rain during last year's tour. The inside of the jacket would be wet when it was raining outside. Fortunately, the England trip never went very high, and getting a little damp when it's not cold is OK. For this year's trip, I wanted something much more effective. Having used the Columbia Hybrid rain jacket, I figured I would give their kids rain jacket a try.

Ironically, it didn't rain on us at all during this year's trip, which did involve the Stelvio, the highest pass in Italy. But Bowen did test the rain jacket in the Hollentalklam, and it worked really well. The inside was bone dry, and his rain pants held up as well.

Both pieces of equipment come highly recommended.

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