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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Review: Dell Tek Backpack 15.6"

3 years ago, I bought the Dell Tek 15.6" backpack for about $10 (including a bunch of coupons and a rebate), and I've been using it ever since on almost all my trips, and for Bowen's swimming lessons. It's an incredibly versatile pack and much lighter than the standard backpacks given out for free by Google to employees, for instance.

A typical loadout for a trip with Bowen across the Atlantic includes a tablet, a couple of Vitas, the Kindle, all bicycle electronics and assorted chargers, the CPAP machine, mask and all accessories, a full night's change of clothes for both of us, on-plane toiletries, and whatever other miscellaneous items that absolutely wouldn't have fit in our checked-in luggage. The backpack swallows all this with ease, and despite my repeated over-stuffing of the pack I've not broken it, and the backpack remains comfortable to wear. I prefer it as carry-on luggage to any other backpacks I have in, and given that I've had to carry it along with dragging a roll-on luggage, Bowen, and Bowen's camelbak all at the same time, I can confirm that it makes a nice platform for Bowen to rest on in a fireman's carry.

The newer models go for north of $50 on Amazon and other sites, but as of this writing you can get the exact model I have for $25 direct from Dell, which makes it a great deal. Highly recommended.

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