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Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Review: Portable Travel Bottles Set - Squeezable Silicon Tubes

When traveling, I’m usually of the “buy it when you need it” philosophy. Things like shampoo, toothpaste, etc. are easily purchased and cheap even in Europe, and there’s no point bringing enough to last your whole trip if you’re weight limited. However, I make an exception for Eucalan, since that’s tough to buy, and laundry detergent is very useful if you’re so lightly loaded that you need to do laundry every single day.

The problem with Eucalan is that it comes in packaging that’s heavy and a pain to use. It’s also expensive, but Amazon sells at one third the regular price in large bottles that obviously aren’t going to clear the TSA, so I needed smaller  bottles to carry it on tour with.

These liquid containers are great: they don’t spill, and dispense with a single squirt. Even better, when they dispense they don’t let in air, which means the container gets smaller throughout the trip! A 3oz container of Eucalan is enough to last me and Bowen a 3 week tour, so these containers aren’t just TSA friendly, they’re the right size for most tours.


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