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Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Index: 2019 Mallorca and Girona fixed based tour

From April 9th to April 25th, Mike Sojka and I conducted two fixed based tours, each 6 days long in Mallorca and Girona, separated by a 2 night rest period to explore Barcelona. It being a fixed based tour, we didn't do all the rides together. Excluding the e-bike tour of Barcelona which was of no metabolic significance, I totaled 659 miles of cycling with 56,431 feet of elevation gained. While I suffered no mechanicals, Mike had one flat tire during the trip. This is the index page day by day trip report (for the cycling days) as well as links to the photos and various equipment reviews.

Trip Photos
With Linus Gerdemann and Karsten Boehrs
Day by Day Report

Equipment Reviews

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