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Monday, May 06, 2019

Review: EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter

During last year's tour, I traveled with 2 small plug adapters for Europe and my usual dual port USB adapter and a 15 watt Motorola turbo charger. That was a satisfactory arrangement and fairly light. This year, however, with 2 kids and my wife, the charging needs will go up. I picked up the EPICKA Universal Travel adapter on a lightning deal and have been impressed.

In addition to being a universal plug adapter, the device has 4 USB-A port and one USB-C port. What's amazing is that the USB-C and USB-A ports register as "turbo charger" (i.e., Qualcomm QC compatible) chargers on my phone, and charge all devices attached to it at their maximum speed. 

The device weighs 147g (sans case and the cable it comes in), which is 14g more than having 2 adapters and the above-mentioned chargers, but those 14g gives you 1 more USB-A slot and 1 more USB-C slot as well as more countries you can visit on one adapter. I used it during my recent fixed based tour and have been impressed. Recommended.

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