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Friday, May 03, 2019

Review: Sea-to-Summit Ultra-Sil Dry Day Pack

I’d been given a stowaway backpack in the past to review, but it was heavy (10 ounces), and for my tour, I planned only to pay for the checked bicycle and put everything else in the Amazon carryon backpack that I’d bought. The backpack was too big and bulky to use around town, so when I saw that REI had a sale on the sea-to-summit backpack that was only 2oz, I placed an order for next day pickup. Of course, the next morning I got a cancellation e-mail from REI, and a call to various stores around me confirmed that REI was all sold out locally. I looked on Amazon and saw that Sea-to-Summit has a waterproof version of the same backpack at 4oz, which is even better, 2oz being a low price for waterproofing.

When the backpack arrived, it looked great: sized like a pair of socks, and indeed cleverly folded up. It did, however, have signs saying “do not immerse” on it, which indicated that the contents might not stay dry if you fell off a dinghy in the middle of a sailing trip.

Nevertheless, when we were caught in a thunderstorm in Barcelona, the croissants and other bread-like items I’d bought for breakfast stayed bone dry. You wouldn’t stuff a huge amount inside, but I regularly carried a jacket, a kindle, even a bike helmet and full water bottle, while still having room for morning croissants in Girona. I’m not going to do an immersion test on it, but I’m confident that the backpack will withstand long term use for its intended purpose and still keep things inside dry.


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