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Monday, September 12, 2022

Review: Inhibitor Phase

 Inhibitor Phase is Alastair Reynolds' latest Revelation Space novel. If you've read any of his other books in that series, it means that you'll immediately stop reading this review, and run to the libnrary to grab a copy of this book. After his last couple of "pirates in space" books, I was afraid that Reynolds had lost his touch. No way. He's back in form, with new characters as well as reprising new roles for older characters in this series.

This is classic Reynolds. We get a protagonist who's in denial about who he really is, a mysterious woman who calls him back to duty, encounters with the pattern jugglers, and a mind blowing ending that resolves everything. Like all other Reynolds books, you end up finishing the book wishing there was more. I finished this book on a long plane ride, and it made the plane ride go by so quickly I barely had time to watch any movies!

Highly recommended.

One of us had to remain, to coordinate the stones as they readjusted to the intervention. We… debated, Clavain. Traded scenarios. Formed a duelling adversarial network. Each tried to convince the other we were right.” Glass shook her head in wonder. “But she triumphed over me. (pg. 293)

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