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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Review: JMOX USB C to Micro USB adapters

 For this trip, I stopped carrying micro USB cables, and just brought along a bunch of USB cables along with the JMOX USB C to Micro USB adapters, the USB C to Garmin charging adapters, and the JMOX USB C to Mini adapters. This saved a bunch of weight, as well as removing confusion as to which cables should be plugged in when, at the expense of possibly losing the adapters, which was why the zippered smart parts pouches I reviewed earlier were so important.

All of these worked, though during the flight at the end of the trip, Boen managed to bend one of the micro USB adapters hard enough that I couldn't pull it out. He had to manage the rest of the trip with his tablet being unchargeable. When I got home, I used a pair of pliers and pulled out the adapter, destroying it in the process but the tablet was not managed.

These products saved quite a bit of cable management. Recommended.

1 comment:

Barry Chaffin said...

I purchased all those same adapters for my cycling tour in France last month. I also purchased which were useful at airports and on planes where only USB A was available.

You must have purchased new wall warts. Are you going to review one?